Programs That Inspire, Connect And Align Your Team

Workplace transformation that drives business growth

Do you crave growth … but are struggling to effectively manage and lead your virtual, international, multicultural, and interdisciplinary teams?
Are you failing to hit your business targets?
Is your culture weak, outdated, or even broken – making it impossible to keep pace with rapid-fire global changes?

Let us help you achieve the results you want – and mobilize your people to achieve the highest levels of success.
Our team enablement programs are science-based and people-focused
All our team training programs are solidly grounded in behavioral sciences and the latest principals of human capital management. Holistic and results driven, our practices are founded on the largest longitudinal studies of the most effective business teams around the world.

Our suite of team building programs include:

In this popular foundational program, we work hands on with your teams to instill the principals and practices of effective collaboration and enhanced performance in the workplace.

This 6-month (26-week) team enablement program for managers covers:

  • Team engagement: exploration of core motivations
  • Alignment of purpose
  • Accountability to team and stakeholder wants
  • Core principles and practices of effective business teams

We also offer a 3 month (12 week) introductory team enablement program for individual contributors that covers:

  • Personal engagement: How to play full out on a team
  • Connecting, trusting and relying on each other
  • Understanding personnel contributions and how they impact team performance
  • Introductory principles and practices of effective business teams

Practical application of principals will be directly applied on the job.

Our lives and careers are lived through conversations. Conversations connect us to our customers, coworkers and the world.

This three-month (12-week) program will dramatically improve the communications skills of your employees.

Through this powerful team program, we’ll reinforce successful practices for having better conversations. The results for participants will include:

  • Clarity – Ensure your conversations are understood leading to improved engagement and implementation.
  • Conflict Resolution – Lean into disagreements and disputes and create agreement to a path of action. People leave the conversation feeling heard, respected and aligned.
  • Change – Communicate in an engaging manner that unites different opinions and opens up possibilities of change.

This proven program will train employees to be more effective in communicating with customers, colleagues and stakeholders.

Teams learn to talk about anything in a way that ensures the listener is connected and the message understood.

Boost your team’s confidence to achieve greater results through this dynamic, in-demand training program.

Through this three-month (12-week) empowerment program, your employees will be fired up to stretch their potential and take on challenges with great rigour, competence and energy.

We’ll help your employees cultivate a strong base of confidence that will allow them to:

  • Deal more powerfully with any challenge at work
  • Understand how to take projects to a higher level of results
  • Stretch their potential – take on new tasks successfully and eliminate limiting beliefs

Have special requirements for your team training not covered here?
Our training programs can be customized for our clients based on industry, company size, and the specific goals and challenges of the leadership team.

Ignite Your Tech Talent

These days, the war to engage and retain best-in-class tech talent rages on. As we all rush to digitize our businesses, IT plays an increasingly important leadership role – and hold the reins in part to our organizational growth and corporate security.

Speed is a huge factor in all they do. Typically, they may be launching hundreds of products/alterations a year. They are being called on to create, innovate and lead the charge in solving todays’ most critical business problems to meet the rapidly changing demands of clients.

Nurture And Inspire Their Best Everyday

At Linda Martin Results, we are Tech Talent experts. We work with your tech teams to build

  • Engagement and self motivation on the job
  • Self leadership & communication skills
  • Team alignment: How to synergize with internal and external teams, foster accountability, and stoke innovation

Engage And Align Your Food Teams

Workplace transformation that drives business growth, serving organizations across Canada and the US

You have scores – even hundreds -- of people working for your food/beverage manufacturing or retail business. Operations, sales, marketing, and finance are all tasked with meeting the demands of todays’ consumer at the safety/quality level and speed they demand.

How do you keep producing at an optimal level?
How do you keep teams customer centered – and in unison to ensure outstanding service levels, superior quality – and maximum safety?

At Linda Martin Results, we understand how to motivate and mobilize food and restaurant teams. Let us work with your teams to:

  • Align as teams: get organized, synergize with peers, and work smarter, not harder
  • Turbocharge productivity through efficient teamwork
  • Improve communications skills to foster positive customer experiences

Build Up your Real Estate and Construction Teams

Workplace transformation that drives business growth, serving organizations across Canada and the US

A rush of challenging new builds and developments.
The rapid transformation of work environments to meet new regulations.
A torrent of residential and commercial clients ready to create, restructure or implement major changes to their spaces and locations.

For so many reasons, the industry is undergoing a tidal wave of growth and change. Real estate specialists, skilled builders, designers, foremen and sales/marketing experts must perpetually solve problems and innovate to keep up with the relentless demand.
How do you create alignment, focus – and collaboration around the customer?
How do you maintain energy – and well being?

At Linda Martin Results, we help real estate and construction companies align and collaborate to succeed.  Let us work with your realtors, builders, administrators, and sales teams to:

  • Re-energize, balance and focus on harmonized goals
  • Improve communications skills to drive more efficient teamwork, and better customer outcomes
  • Synchronize efforts to work more efficiently as a fully aligned team

Transform your Health, Government and Not-for-Profit Teams

Workplace transformation that drives business growth, serving organizations across Canada and the US

Slow processes. legacy systems, challenged with change amongst employees?
The Not-for-profit, government, education and health sector typically struggles with these historic paradigms.

How do you begin to rally your teams around inspiring goals to serve better?
How do you inspire them to produce better outcomes?
How do you begin to dramatically transform the way they work, in a way that works for them and their stakeholders?

At Linda Martin Results, we help not-for-profit, education, government and health organizations motivate, mobilize, and transform their workforce. Let us work with you to:

  • Inspire a culture of excellence and goal attainment
  • Improve skills to create happier, more satisfied patients, students, and/or constituents
  • Transform old-fashioned mindsets to drive a spirit of collaboration and customer service excellence

Ready to transform your teams… and usher in a new era of collective intelligence and business prosperity?

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